Peer Support Sessions

The Comrade Rosie team hosts peer support sessions on the second Tuesday of every month.

What is peer support?  How is it different from conventional therapy?

Here's an excerpt from one of our recent working group meetings:

  • We consider both external material circumstances and respective internal emotional experiences

  • Synthesis of individualized therapy and collective action

    • Collaborative art, poetry, music, writing

    • Questioning stories we tell ourselves, developing new narratives

    • In-the-moment techniques to cope & live w/ mental illness (breathing exercises, EMDR)

    • Deprogramming, undoing damage of dog-eat-dog mindset

    • Challenging societal norms and attitudes that keep us trapped in fear and shame, creating new norms

    • Participating in collective action w/ comrades in tow

    • Developing and utilizing real-life support systems (financial, social)

    • Learning how to reach out to your peers and ask for help

  • No institutions; no insurance; no cost; no barriers to entry

  • People helping people (neuroatypical people helping neuroatypical people); not professional, mutually beneficial

  • Community aspect; addressing group solutions; we are each other’s resources; forming a network

  • Addresses the alienation of neoliberal capitalism; healing inherent in collective acts

  • Supporting each other by sharing techniques and coping skills we’ve learned elsewhere; peer support and traditional therapy not mutually exclusive

If you are interested in learning more or attending one of our virtual events, please reach out to us using the form below: